My name’s Holly Noonan. I know first hand how good health can keep you sane in a crisis. First, I struggled for 7 years with a chronic illness, then, in the first months of regaining my health, my life hit the fan.

I am a Food Empowerment Counselor and Life Coach. That means I offer you a soulful mixture of holistic nutrition counseling and life coaching to nourish you up and nudge you forward. I am NOT a conventional dietitian and won’t evaluate how many grams of low-fat processed food you should eat. I take my cues from our ancestors and introduce you to ancestral food you may never have heard of, but your cells will recognize.

If you are in the middle of your life-storm, signing up for my weekly emails on How to Free Yourself from Cravings can be a good starting point — 6 weekly reminders to keep yourself hydrated and nourished. It’s free. You’ll also hear about teleclasses, speaking events, groups and cleanses I lead.

If you already know you need to be on a gluten free diet and just need the support of gluten free recipes and a strategy to go gluten free without triggering emotional eating, take a look at my Going Gluten Free Program for Emotional Eaters.

If you are needing to take stock of where you are and what you are ready for, then scheduling a phone appointment with me is the place to start. We’ll comb through your life and your challenges to find out what you’re dealing with, where you want to end up and what the next 3 steps are for heading in that direction. Schedule now. I’ll be your online nutritionist.

If you need to start slowly and add healthy eating habits to your life one-baby-step at a time, check out my Starter Programs, my 4 week Intensives and my articles on nutrition.

If you need a holistic nutritionist for your wellness program at work, invite me in to do a workshop or a series of workshops.

If you feel you might be ready for weekly or bi-weekly support to remember to take care of yourself, and are ready to start learning and striving in your self-care, my¬† 6-month individual program is where you’ll blossom. Learn More>>

If you have just been for the ride of your life and are now ready to seriously regroup before your next stage in life, I have 2 programs designed for you.

First is my Wellness Immersion program. You come here to Camden, Maine for a week and delve deeply into emotional, physical and spiritual healing. It is designed to be a transformative week with guided visualizations, massage, outdoor adventure and quiet time at the ocean. You can opt for cooking classes, acupuncture or kayaking. You create the program. Learn more>>

Second, I offer group retreats in sacred places. Italy, Maine, Ireland (and beyond!) Explore the possibility of traveling to a cool destination for yoga, clean eating and massage, as a way to shake off the old and bring on the new! Learn More>>

Rock Your Health. Now’s the time!