Eating for the New Era

Humanity is on the threshold of a change in epoch.  10,000 years ago, when the first humans engaged in agriculture, there were estimated to be only one million of us on the planet. These 10,000 years later, we are nearly 7 billion with a “B”. Quite a success story. Or is it…

Other epoch changes besides the transition to agriculture were the renaissance, the European colonization of the globe, the Industrial Revolution and more recently, the digital age.

Each of these game-changing shifts in human culture was necessarily accompanied by both a change in food, and an expansion of consciousness.  (And it’s no coincidence! Food acts as either a facilitator or an inhibitor to consciousness!) The progression from cave men squabbles to burning heretics to corporate exploitation of people and planet is also a culinary narrative as well as one of human consciousness.

The human consciousness narrative is one that proceeds from a brutish place of fear and psychic separation, to a place of emerging tolerance and love. (Not long ago it wasn’t politically correct to be tolerant, for example.) Fear equals separation. Love equals compassion. We no longer feel it is acceptable to burn people alive because the basic level of societal compassion has been elevated.

Many legal systems (a feature of evolving human consciousness) now make discrimination illegal.

The enlightened people among us love all people equally, and we now have, for the first time in human history, an exponential surge of people who recognize this non-discrimination as the hallmark of an enlightened person. (Instead of, say, a crazy person.)

The consciousness-shift that is emerging in the new era (starting in 2012, if we believe the Mayans) is characterized by this increased human experience of tolerance and compassion (love) and the re-emergence of the feminine gifts of “receptivity, intuitive guidance, tenderness and fierce inclusivity.”

“My very best decisions and strongest maneuvers have been fuelled by what would typically be labelled as “feminine characteristics.” This counsel may sound like it’s only applicable to 50% of the population, but receptivity, intuitive guidance, tenderness, and fierce inclusivity are transformative powers that anyone can wield. Our future depends on it.” – Danielle LaPorte

Wielding these transformative feminine powers will serve to balance out the destructive, conquering, patriarchal machine that has wrought such havoc on the planet and has fulfilled its task to deliver us to this threshold.

The food we are consuming on Planet Earth today is both facilitating and inhibiting the emergence of this new consciousness. The new consciousness is happening. The planet is pregnant with this energy as human beings represent the conscious edge of evolutionary history. Like all birthing processes, it will be painful and likely messy. There is natural inertia at work as well; one that obscures the larger pattern with a simultaneous “counter-consciousness”—exploitation, horrific acts of terror, cavalier consumption of the last of our limited resources.

Both energies — love and fear, consciousness and counter-consciousness– are amplified by the food consumed by the individuals and communities that eat their chosen food.  Love is amplified and unfolds naturally from a nutrient-dense, whole-food, ancestral diet. Fear is amplified by food- insecurity and by consuming industrial commodity food and depleted, damaged and refined food.

Why did love and tolerance not unfold naturally back when our ancestors were eating an unrefined ancestral diet? Some contend that it did unfold and manifested in indigenous people living a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with their environment. While tribal warfare has always been and continues to be a feature of human society, there is now a new window opening up that has never opened before. The world has become small and the entire burgeoning population of humans on this fragile and tired planet is now easily seen as one tribe—the global human family.

For human beings who eat clean, vital food now, who protect and nourish their local food and water sheds and who live sustainable lives, there is an opportunity to feel non-duality with the entire planetary ecosystem.  The blossoming of this new human consciousness is an evolutionary expression of planet Earth. We are instruments of the physical and metaphysical forces of nature. Either the instrument of your body is clean and resonant, or it’s clogged and stuck.

You, as an eater of food, have a choice to personally embody this evolutionary expression, or not to.

Either way, the contractions have started and there’s no going back now.

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