Your Body is Mother Earth

Sometimes you have to be willing to gain a few pounds to find your body’s equilibrium.

When we get out of our groove, the fastest way back to balance might involve eating non-ideal food. Does that seem scary? It involves a trust in your body. That can be hard, especially if we’ve spent years trying to ignore, override, subvert and tame our bodies.

When your body is nourished, it doesn’t overeat. When you leave it to its own devices, the fear is that you will never stop eating, that you will let yourself go and all hell will break loose. You may think you NEED the guilt and shame and discipline and willpower in order to override your body’s impulses.

But wait, can I point something out?

The rational, patriarchal, Western mind has “succeeded” in conquering Mother Nature. The continents were “discovered” and colonized. The metals were mined, dams were built and civilization has crept across our planet like psoriasis.

Is this the kind of success you would like to emulate?

Because your body IS Mother Nature. Your body is an ecosystem that finds and loses equilibrium. When your rational, patriarchal, shaming mind is absent, your body does just fine. It leans toward balance. If you nourish your body with whole food, water, sleep and love, you can literally just sit back and watch it find its own balance.

Balance, is, of course, a temporary state. Balance happens in just moments. And usually those moments are hard to find around the holidays. We’re usually on the way towards or away from a moment of balance.

Trust it.

When you have caused a state of imbalance by traveling, refined food or alcohol, simply eat lots of vegetables and get lots of sleep in addition to eating the junk you crave. The craving will go away in a few days. You don’t need to force it away. It just disappears. You can trust your body.

If you have lived your whole life in a state of imbalance, which many of us have, you can do a cleanse to experience what balance feels like. You need to experience physical well-being where you sleep hard, wake up rested, have good bowel movements, have a strong appetite and get appropriate amounts of exercise and solitude. Then you can set your “baseline.”

Once you have the baseline of your vitality, you can feel that either you HAVE IT, or you DON’T HAVE IT.

If you don’t have it, shaming yourself makes it take longer to getting back to having it. Self-compassion makes it quicker.

Sometimes gaining a few pounds is the fastest way to get back to your equilibrium so that you can get back to sleeping well and exercising hard, after which you will lose those few pounds again anyway.

Your body is Mother Earth. Do you want to be a conquistador or a defender of your sanctity?


Holly Noonan writes about self-nourishment and food empowerment every month in her Mind Body Nutrition Newsletter.

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