When a tree is truly nourished, it is enlivened by the richness of the web of life that supports it. The richer that life force, the more enlivened that tree will become. The decomposing matter, the mycelium, the humus, the worms, the minerals, the moisture, the sunlight and the clear air all enliven the tree. It grows robustly and then it, in turn, can support other life.

If it is a fruit tree, for example, it can enliven a child with the life force that it has concentrated into its succulent, seed-bearing fruit.

When a human child is the recipient of vibrant life force through vital, nutrient-dense food, that child’s organism can unfold according to the unamended design in their dna, so to speak. If they also receive other important nutrients like safety, love and learning, their full potential can’t help but unfold.

Just like powerlines that cut a gash through an otherwise robust tree, processed food, emotional pain or lack of safety can change how that child’s design unfolds.

In fact, to some degree that has happened to all of us. Processed food is ubiquitous. Nearly every last American person has some form of nutrient deficiency (omega 3s, Vit D, magnesium…) and who among us is unfailingly nourished emotionally?

We all have “amended designs.” Our path as human beings is a path towards wholeness from wherever we start.

Two things I know for sure:

1) The life force of the food I use to nourish myself is mostly under my control
2) Food is primary nourishment. Our emotional, spiritual and mental nourishment can’t truly be achieved if we are physically malnourished.

When my body is replete with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and enlivened with life force energy, my emotional, spiritual and mental nourishment comes more easily, with more clarity. Does that ring true for you too?

Rather than being overwhelmed by physical distractions of pain and malaise, I am noticing all the  seeds I would like to nourish in my life. Seeds of creativity, connection, spirit, intuition, community…

I might nourish creativity by buying a journal or going dancing, and then, by taking that action, I am nourished by being connected to spirit. I might call a friend to nourish my connection with them, and then, by taking that action, my heart fills up and I am nourished with love. I might take a tiny little action every once in a great while and it can unfold into the new direction of my life’s work, and I will be nourished by a sense of purposefulness.

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”

- Leo Tolstoy

But nourishment is neutral. It’s not, of course, just the happy, positive things that we nourish with our attention and energy. We nourish grudges, and feelings of inadequacy. We can nourish an addiction, or a toxic relationship. We can nourish a mindset of fear and separation by listening to the news. We can nourish a habit of numbness when emotions arise. We can nourish a steadfast belief that what we actually love is not what we should love, and thereby cut ourselves off from spirit.

Because ultimately, the seeds of our emotional, spiritual and mental nourishment flourish from LOVE. The energetic of love, openheartedness and joy is what can literally create the path that unfolds in front of you. It can become the structure that holds your life in.

It is easier to feel the energetic of love when you are well-nourished, because it is the natural human state. It’s the paper that your design is written on.

It is easier to feel the energetic of fear when you are malnourished, because it is an imbalance, a disturbance.

Are you nourishing the energetic of love in your life? Or the energetic of fear? Look at your food.

What one tiny action can you do today to nourish what you want?


Holly Noonan writes about self-nourishment and food empowerment every month in her Mind Body Nutrition Newsletter.

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