Which Kind Are You?

Are you an Aries, Scorpio or Libra? Is your dosha mostly Pitta, Kapha or Vata? Are you Earth, Water or Fire constitution? Are you yin or yang? Do you have blood type O or AB? What archetypes are you manifesting? What’s your Myers Briggs? Your Enneagram type?

There are so many systems you can use in order to understand yourself and where you fall in the spectrum of humanity.

Humanity is certainly a spectrum. There are hotheads and the imperturbably serene. There are robust immune systems and those that fall to every passing virus. There are ambitious types and contented types, mavericks and sticklers, visionaries, bean counters, artists, healers, legislators, farmers and on and on.

We need them all. We need us all!

That’s what I love about all these systems designed to help you understand yourself; They lay out the spectrum in some way that leaves room for you and everyone else.

Why is that cool?

Because implied in this paradigm is the concept that HOW YOU ARE is a PERFECTLY VALID WAY TO BE. That humanity comes in this number of varieties, and that you and a zillion other people fall into a category together.

And the category has these attributes, some of which are splendid and some of which are challenging.

And we all have that in common.

Most people know their astrological sign and have some sense of the personality traits that are commonly associated with their sign. Taurus? Stubborn. Scorpio? Emotionally intense. Aquarius? Boy do they march to the beat of their own drummer…

Each sign has attributes that people can be proud of, as well as attributes that drive their family members crazy. It can be a point of bonding when you meet someone else who shares your sign, and it’s uncanny how people under the same sign share attributes.

Whether or not astrology rings a bell for you, it illustrates how– in this system– there are 12 types and you are one of them. That means there is no reason to lament your way-of-being, because it’s a perfectly valid way-to-be.

We often get the message that how we are just isn’t up to snuff. “Why can’t you be more like your father?” “If only you were good at that, you’d be better off.” “Just don’t reveal that at first. Important to make a good first impression!”

Such a shame to go around in life as a perfectly good Capricorn, thinking that Pisces is really the way to be. Why live like that?

When you discover a system that makes sense to you, (or a couple of systems,) you can start affirming that your way of being is worth making brighter and louder and more pure and true.

The unique light that YOU shine is just perfect as it is.

We all have flaws– things we’d like to change about ourselves. I mean, you can’t opt OUT of the human experience.

But there’s a real magic that can happen when you acknowledge the parts about yourself that you don’t like (if you can see them!) and even accept those.

When you stop banishing yourself, you give yourself permission to really start to shine your light.

When you suddenly have that permission to shine, you naturally are drawn to eating food that makes you….well…shiny!

It’s a deep self-acceptance and even a self-love that is the fundamental key to permanent, healthy lifestyle change. When you deeply believe that you have something that’s so precious, it deserves to be nourished and polished and brightened, you will simply, unconsciously, eat in accordance with that.

Sometimes finding a system that makes sense to you is a first step towards self-acceptance for who you are, how you are. These systems are either personality profiles, like the Myers-Briggs, or physical profiles, like Metabolic Typing. Many Asian systems convey types that are combinations of physical and psychological traits, like the system of Ayurveda.

It almost doesn’t matter which of these systems you choose to understand yourself and your place in humanity. As long as it helps you step in the direction of self-acceptance, you will become healthier without having to “diet.”

Explore the following links to see what resonates for you. None of them are more “right.” They are all just helpful.  Some will feel like “WOW!” and others will feel like “nah…”




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Have fun! Let me know what rings your bell!


Holly Noonan writes about self-nourishment and food empowerment every month in her Mind Body Nutrition Newsletter.

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