Meet Holly

Hi, I’m Holly Noonan. If you’re on this page, you may be wondering what I have to offer YOU.

The brief answer is that I have learned how to overcome emotional eating so that I could heal and I can streamline that process for you. You don’t have to go through years of learning the hard way. My process uses awareness to nurture the natural feedback loop of the body. Once that feedback loop starts working, tastes change, cravings fade and your body is naturally drawn to feeling better. When you get on this track, you create a different future for yourself. My motto is Awareness. Education. Inspiration.

Awareness– I invite you to re-establish (or sometimes establish) a loving relationship with your own body and the signals it is sending you.

Education– You leave with new foods to try, with recipes, personal tips and a new sense of empowerment. You expand your horizons while forgiving the missteps of any growing process.

Inspiration– I humbly offer a mixture of humor and spirituality to light a spark inside you. Everyone has it. You do too.

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I have experienced how the clarity of mind that comes from eating well heals our relationships as well as our bodies, and helps us move forward toward fulfilling our potential. Want to know more about my story? Here’s more. I enjoy exploring with people how they can discover– and live according to–their unique body-type and thereby feel more connected to natural cycles and to the important people in their lives. I also encourage people to join me in stepping gradually into a more sustainable lifestyle, with non-toxic products and energy-sensitive habits.

I relish working with people who are motivated to take their lives to the next level and lean into their transformation. I enjoy working with people who have food sensitivities,  emotional eating issues, chronic health challenges and with people who have had no clear answers from their doctors but know they need to support their overall health with dietary and lifestyle changes.

My mission at Mind Body Nutrition is to be a paradigm shifter– to catalyze change in individuals and in our culture, particularly in the areas of health care and food culture. In addition to my individual and group clients and my lectures and workshops, I offer web-based resources like teleclasses, podcasts and a forum as well as customized wellness programs for businesses that improve employee quality-of-life while keeping health care costs down. Health food store tours and grocery store tours are scheduled regularly for program participants.

I am also a freelance writer specializing in reviewing wellness travel, ie: spa retreats and meditation, fitness and culinary travel.

I am a graduate of the The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. I am a certified Holistic Health Counselor and a member of the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners, or AADP.

I’m on the faculty of Namasté Institute for Holistic Studies where I teach nutrition to Massage Therapy licensure candidates.

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.

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