“Hi Holly,
Thank you so much for that amazing breakthrough session with our (10 yr old) daughter. She left your office and said, “that was awesome.” She spent the whole night telling us about how oil is refined using gasoline and how much sugar people eat. She loves the idea of inviting food into her body. We have a long way to go to get her to be a more excited eater but this was a huge step.

You are so good at what you do and I so appreciated how you spoke right to her in such a lively, engaging way. Thank you so much, Holly. You have made a huge impact on her life!

Have a great day,


“About a month ago I signed up for the free stuff on your
web site and you have been sending me different things to try like eating double the amount of greens, eliminating caffeine and so on. I wasn’t vegan but had stopped eating red meat and cutting out sugar and white flour all about a month ago. I still kept up my exercise (hiking and weight training) and at this point I’ve dropped about 9-10 pounds. Before that with all the exercise I wasn’t losing much weight just maintaining, your suggestions, newsletter and all you post along with other research I do have helped!”

–Rick Seibel

“Just had to tell you this. Glenn went to his cardiologist today for a check up and for the last 6 mos or so he has been following my diet instead of the A.M.A. diet. Real pasture butter instead of smart balance, whole farm raised eggs instead of avoiding eggs, plenty of beef but all grass fed and guess what?? His numbers improved!! YAY, I was a little nervous that things might be worse and it would have been my “fault” so to speak but I’m 100% committed to my way of eating (thanks to you) and am so very pleased with the results. Now I need to get him to eat healthy salad dressings instead of low fat crap! It’s so good to know that eating healthy is eating real, delicious food.”

–Cindy Montgomery Hall

“Thanks so, so much for your calm demeanor and total awesomeness! I’ve been Paleo (with my raw, wholemilk yogurt every few days) with a glass of good red wine since our session. Lost 10.5 pounds! :) No cravings AT ALL for anything. Thank you for helping me find the right path!”

–Robin MacCready

When I found Holly 11 months ago, I was playing with fitness and better health, but Holly transformed my approach and helped me clarify my motivation. My lifelong journey is one of expansion of consciousness, and didn’t realize how my food habits inhibited me. I was grateful to have found someone who spoke the same language, leading me to change many eating habits, such as removing gluten and most grains from my diet, adding superfood smoothies and drinking less coffee. With the help of her compassionate counseling I am now 40 lbs lighter, and the fittest, clearest and cleanest I have been in my life as I approach my 60th year.  –Chris S.


“I have lost 5 pounds and feel more satisfied when I eat because I’m eating better. I am at a much better place this summer than I was last summer. I feel very motivated! Thank you so much, Holly!!” –Maria Genthner

” S. & I spoke of your affirmations on the way home last night…I told her that there have been many things that you have said to me that have really resonated…like this gem ‘when you move in a direction with integrity, all of the pieces move around to support you’. I don’t know how many times I’ve played that over in my head, wrote it in my journal, shared it with others. I recently looked back at a list that you & I created for my life & where I saw it in 5 years and about 90% of it has manifested ALREADY. Incredible. You have served as such a catalyst in my life & for that I am eternally grateful Holly Noonan…”

~Ainslee Pine


“First, I tell everyone about you and how great you are!

I didn’t achieve all my goals but the remaining goals (meditation, yoga, and journaling) are totally achievable if I set my mind to it. I still have the potato chip monkey on my back, but I’m trying.
I finally put everything into a 3 ring binder that I keep in my kitchen.  Some stuff is in my purse for shopping.
My habits around food are permanently changed for the better.  I am much better educated about food, where it comes from, and what it can do to me (positively or negatively).  I don’t think about food anymore-and it used to be something I always thought about.  I don’t think about dieting or calories and I don’t bargain with myself (If I eat this I”ll get on the treadmill…).  I still weigh myself every morning but it doesn’t change much.  I pay more attention to how my clothes fit. I don’t miss the foods that I can no longer (or no longer choose) to eat.  I honestly love foods like broccoli, cauliflower, and black beans just as much as I used to love pizza!

You are a great counselor.  You are supportive but you know when to push.  You educate, which is so important. I learned a lot from you and I feel like I am so much more informed. ”

–Theresa L.


“I took Holly’s Lifestyle Group believing I was already well educated about healthy eating, but instead wanted to know how to lose weight. I quickly became aware that I was not well educated at all and before I could focus on losing weight, I needed to understand what healthy foods truly were and how do I figure out which ones were right for me. Holly provided the tools for me to make healthy choices for not just my physical health but for my emotional health as well.”
– Karen Maloney

“I wanted to learn to eat healthier, exercise, and lose weight. I feel that I have accomplished these goals. Of course, it is a work in progress. there is always room for more improvement. I can’t even imagine not eating healthy or wanting to get out and walk now. My taste for food has changed, I crave good healthy food and the bad stuff just doesn’t taste good. It has been an amazing transformation.

You are amazing! You have so much knowledge and enthusiasm for what you do. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you. I hope to be able to participate in more of your programs. You have helped me change my life for the better, and for that I thank you. Thanks again Holly! I just loved your program!”
—Maria Genthner

“It’s weird, the cravings stuff is gone. Not 100%, you know, it’s a process. But it’s mostly gone. Feeling like I’m not a prisoner to food anymore is almost better than losing weight. I haven’t lost weight yet, but I feel like I’m in better shape, feel leaner and I’m wearing a smaller size. Having not gained 10 pounds over the holidays this year was just miraculous. And now I get really full! When I eat it lasts til the next meal! Now, eating that (glutinous) food isn’t fun anymore. Now, I don’t go, ‘Ooh! Yummy roll!’ I go, ‘Ooh, stomach ache.” — Joanne Miller

“People underestimate the power of group learning. It’s people helping each other. It can be very powerful.” — Joanne Miller


“I am off insulin! I am also off my blood pressure medication and have lost more than 68 lbs. I feel much more in control of my eating and we spend less money on food because I waste less and we don’t eat out as much because I prefer my own cooking. Weight loss was my primary goal at first however learning about food and putting it into action was very empowering. If I can change how my body behaves then I certainly can change other behaviors.

Now I look forward to meals with lots of veggies. Our food costs have decreased because real food costs less then processed food. Meals are less complicated. I have less joint pain. My sleep improved. Less physical complaints lead to more physical activity. YOU ARE A GREAT TEACHER BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU SAY!” — Kay S.


“Hey Holly,
Three years ago I joined TOPS and lost 28 lbs in 5 months, then starting sliding. I mostly lived on Lean Cuisine though. I re-joined TOPS the week before (your) group started and have not eaten any Lean Cuisines or packaged “diet food”. I’m embracing everything you’re teaching and not following any diet plan at all. Once I stopped eating sugar I lost 2 pounds that week and another 1 1/2 this week. So far I have dropped 9 lbs since we started. My real goal is to be healthy and losing weight is a happy side effect. Thank you!”

– S.P.


“I’m feeling the effect of healthy food on my brain, my hands aren’t sore anymore, and my energy is good! My husband said ‘ You just came home from work and you vacuumed? Who are you?’ I get one or two more hours everyday to do fun stuff instead of sleep. Broccoli is now my favorite breakfast, I haven’t touched the chocolate drawer in 2 weeks and I haven’t been weighing myself. I even crave kale now… who knew?”

–Theresa L. (Skype Client)


“I am a 62-year-old male who went from being physically active and an avid exercise buff to becoming an “avoid-exercise-at-all-costs”, “munch-on-candy-bars” couch potato.   I gained 65 pounds.   When I attempted to return to exer-cise, every visit to the gym resulted in new sprains, aches, and pains.   I be-came addicted to a steady diet of fast food, hard liquor, and sugar-laced pas-tries.

My health declined.   In short order I suffered from five different ailments and was popping seven different prescription drugs.

My body was in bad shape.   My mental faculties were clouded and my thinking sluggish.   And my cure for these ailments  ⎯  namely, more sweets, junk food, and candy  ⎯  pushed my health into more of a tail spin.

A sports trainer suggested that I needed to reform my nutritional habits and lifestyle as well as my exercise habits.   He recommended that I spend time with Holly Noonan.   And off I went.

Mind you, I viewed most “nutritionists” as fanatics, cultists and neo-hippies who could literally swoon over cookies made of pine mulch and fish innards.   That wasn’t me!

But Holly corrected that misconception fast!   She proved to be knowledge-able, well-read, fact-based, a good educator, and anything but an extremist.

Holly shared a number of books and nutritional studies with me, and opened my eyes to the dangerous mistakes I had been making nutrition-wise.   She educated me.   She tempted me into trying new grains and vegetables.   And she helped me make some important changes in the ways I fuel my body.

Today, my “ache-and-pain” incidents are pretty much zero.   I have lost 22 pounds thus far  ⎯  without, I must add, going on diets or deprivation.   And my metal state is much better, too.

So I am highly pleased with the counseling I had from Holly.   I am also confident that Holly can help you!   If you’d like more information about my experience, ask Holly for my phone number.   I’d be pleased to vouch for Holly’s skillful counseling first hand. ”

–Jim Schlagheck


“Holly, your participation in (our event)– and the passionate and steady voice & energy you hold for “health” was quite amazing. My own experience, now having listened to you on a number of occasions… is that not only do you know your facts– but you present it in such a palatable and inspiring way. Just wanted to say once again: thank you, thank you.

– Anon, Rockland


“Holly I am so thankful that I found you. I believe the saying “when the
student is ready the teacher appears”. I knew immediately your program was
the right one for me, what I didn’t know at the time was that it would
literally change my life. With a history of eating disorders, and all the
baggage that brings; body image, self-esteem and self care or lack of it I
honestly never thought I’d find a way out of the mess. Well, you my dear
have shown me the way after decades of being lost. I am learning so much
and appreciate your intuitive style, humor and the compassion you show me.
To be able to look at food as a life force, and not the enemy is truly a
miracle! I am lighter in body and spirit and for that I am eternally
grateful. My hope is that everyone that needs this kind of help will find



“I had a great time at your tour of Graves. All the information you have given me so far has helped a great deal. Especially the idea of transitional foods. That takes away the anxiety of trying to quit certain things cold turkey. I find it much more fun and interesting to introduce new foods one at a time. I am able to really focus on it and create a sort of celebration around that introduction. And the reminder to listen to my body on a deeper level than I have been…to really be true to what works and what doesn’t for my body (and mind) without applying the societal norms of what equals a balanced diet. In short, thank you so much! You are fabulous at what you do and the environment you create for your clients in which to learn. I am so grateful for that. “

– Anonymous


“I joined Holly’s group being one of the few people in the room with only a mainstream and basic knowledge of organic foods and nourishing food sources. For many years I have equated health food with unseemly, hairy people who eat pebbles and twigs with a wooden spoon. I have been reluctant to join their ranks.

I have struggled with food issues all of my life, from being a borderline-anorexic teenage bulimic to an adult workaholic making food decisions based on either 1) losing weight quickly or 2) eating something on the go in a busy, hectic lifestyle (for the most part living alone through most of my 20’s). Recently becoming a mother of two and responsible for the food choices for my family of four brought me to Holly, and my knowledge of her was directly influenced by a free class she gave which got me excited about the topic. I decided then and there to join her group. Clearly, you need not wear hemp underwear to enjoy the benefits of unrefined oils.

Not only does Holly talk the talk, but she walks the walk as well. She is obviously passionate about food and about her profession and she has a the listening skills any good counselor should have. She is incredibly non-judgmental, and her interest in you stems from a sincere wish to make your life happier and healthier. Holly knows what she is talking about, but if on a rare occasion she doesn’t know the answer to something, she’ll admit it. And she will make it her task to find out about it and get back to you, not only succeeding in answering your question, but adding it to her own broad base of knowledge as well.”

–A. S. R.


“I’ve lost some weight even though I’m eating as much as I want. I have more energy. I quit coffee! I stopped eating cheese and those annoying rashes went away. I’m not craving carbs. My repertoire of foods has expanded to include new vegetables, rye, more protein, coconut oil and I’m enjoying cooking for myself and being conscious of preparing well-balanced meals for every meal.”



“I really trust that you have sifted through a lot of information and have abundant wisdom to share. You steer clear of dogmatism and stay curious. You are willing to let the group go on a useful tangent and then you help us return to the theme at hand. You make the class multi-faceted with some “cooking” (mochi), some tasting, some discussing, some guided meditations. You’re fun, sassy, and vulnerable.”

–Jenna Labbé Watson


To read testimonials (pdf) about my Sugar Blues Workshop, Click Here.


“So here is a little summary of the little changes I have made since I have
been working with you -

I am off the coffee
I am off the diet coke
I am off the hypertension meds
I am off the antidepressant meds
I am hooked on vinegar.
I am craving kale
I am not craving sweets/ or binging on chocolate.
I love the dense whole grain rye bread with cashew butter
I am cooking much more -
After doing a deep cleansing on my pantry
And my fridge, and my belly,
(I’m) Sleeping better with happy dreams
Much less anxiety.

Thank you for my new life!”

– Anonymous


“Working with Holly is an energizing, exciting & enlightening dance.
She has an ocean of knowledge, a fabulous sense of humor, and
incredible intuition that make her the best kind of teacher. The
work we do together is very interactive, truly a dance, in which I am
circling back to remember what nurtures my authentic self. It takes
a very gifted teacher to lead in this way ; Holly is following a most
powerful calling.”

– Sea Chauvin


“What a great program this has been! You have provided me with so
many useful tools for improving my well being – both physically and
mentally. I have never felt judged or pressured, only encouraged and
reassured. I am so grateful for your guidance, friendship, and
wisdom and will miss our sessions together. The experience has truly
been a gift. Thank you!”

– L.C.


“I think you are terrific! You are insightful, intuitive, and a well informed counselor.

Nutrition counseling comes easily for you since you yourself have had to examine your own life and health. Mind and body work together to prolong our lives, and you taught me a great deal about habits, cravings, maintenance, and weight control. You are about proper diet as a life style; manageability and creativity with food as sustenance. I always felt hopeful and happier after visiting you. You are a lovely addition to my life for which I thank you.

I hope you do well in all your endeavors, Holly.”

– J.M.


“Holly acted as nutrition coach, cheerleader, teacher and guide for me over a period of several months. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude created a framework in which I was able to reflect on my eating in the context of living a joyful and healthy life. I especially appreciate the new holistic information I received on foods and metabolism, hormonal balance and the affect of foods and eating habits on my work and emotional and mental well-being. I loved the many treats Holly bestowed upon me – from quinoa to agave syrup to a sprouting jar – they all helped to shake loose old habits and move me along in my quest to eat well.

In addition to the information and helpful handouts, questionnaires and foods, Holly brought an abundance of curiosity and thoughtfulness to her work with me. Patient, non-judgmental, and good humored, she graciously welcomed me in my uneven journey every time we met and offered strong words of support in person and via email. She followed up on meetings with additional information, loaned me cookbooks and cd’s, and checked in spontaneously. Her website is a treasure trove too! Holly was generous and thoughtful throughout our work together. I continue to hear her voice when making food and other self-care decisions, and continue to change my eating habits for complete health, months after our last meeting.”

– Barbara Egan


“I worked with Holly for the past six months, and although I knew quite a bit about nutrition and vegetarian cooking, I learned even more from her. Through various methods, she discovered what kinds of foods would be best for me; she worked with me on my food issues; and she provided caring and support. I found her tours of Fresh off the Farm and Hannaford Supermarket fascinating. I learned so much from every aspect of our time together.”

–Micki White


“Prior to working with Holly, I had thought I was pretty knowledgeable about
nutrition and whole foods. However, knowing that I can always learn more, I
decided to work with Holly to enhance my knowledge for my own personal
health and to improve my nutritional counseling with my patients. After 12
weeks of Holly’s program I emerged feeling incredible respect for her
knowledge and approach to working with the complex world of nutrition, body
image and self esteem. Not only was her knowledge impressive but her
enthusiasm and encouragement to make change was incredible. As a result, I
have made some deep changes in my approach to nutrition and have more
confidence in counseling my patients about nutrition. In addition to a
great hour of self care she gave me fun gifts to encourage me to try new
grains and greens, I got lots of handouts to refer back to and access to a
great library of resources. I have referred a number of patients to her who
need a more intensive approach to nutrition. I strongly encourage anyone
who really wants to make a change in how food affects his or her life, to
consider making the commitment of spending 12 weeks with Holly.”

–Jennifer Bell, FNP, Hope Health, Camden


“I’ve experienced a tremendous sense of support, comfort and understanding from Holly — more so with anyone I’ve worked with. From that I’ve experienced more confidence in myself, which therefore has begun to lead me down the road of health and wellness… a road I’ve traveled before, but not permanently. Holly– you’ve helped me build my foundation and build it so that it is strong and will last. You have an incredible gift. My foundation and clear understanding of who I am– be it my strength or my struggles– will (and is) leading me to a permanent place of energy, health and wellness.”



“When I was recently diagnosed with early osteoporosis, my doctor recommended I go to Holly for nutritional counseling. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was drawn to Holly on the first, complimentary, visit.

When Holly suggested touring Fresh off the Farm, I almost didn’t attend, thinking that I knew so much about vegetarian foods from my years of Macrobiotic eating. But to my amazement, the 1 1/2 hour tour was too brief! I never knew there were so many fascinating nooks and crannies and products at Fresh off the Farm. Holly is a font of fascinating and worthwhile information.

Having eaten Macrobiotic foods for ten years, and then returning to my junk foods for the past ten years, my weight had yo-yo’d up and down about 30 pounds several times. I needed help breaking away from my diet-binge pattern as well as discovering the underlying reasons for these seemingly insane actions.

I am in the middle of my sessions with Holly and have received invaluable nutritional counseling, lifestyle counseling, support, and understanding. I feel so fortunate to have Holly’s help.”