4 week Intensives

Do you have a specific goal for which you need a jumpstart? This program is for new clients who want to initiate lifestyle changes that stick or for returning clients who want to focus on their next steps in establishing a solid self-care routine.

In this program, we do very personalized work, laser-focused on how to leap forward in your health and in your life. Each participant will meet with me (in person or on Skype) for an hour each week for 4 weeks, and go deep.

This is a completely tailor-made intensive that might include guided visualization, menu planning, a guided cleanse or going gluten free. Whatever you need.

It WILL involve new foods and recipes and an emphasis on your health basics like sleep, drinking water, exercise and getting addicted to vegetables.

Wherever your growing edges are, I will find them and work with them. I will meet your heart with the unwavering loving attention of my heart, and walk along side you until we come out of the woods.

We all change in cycles. For some, a bi-annual intensive program is the most effective way to manifest permanent change. For those of us who just ramped things up with a cleanse, we will keep some of those new habits permanently, but most will ebb.

A bi-annual intensive is perfect for new clients who want to get a jumpstart. It’s also ideal for returning clients who need a check-in, some loving accountability and a higher spin of the spiral.

It is not just my pleasure to offer this program, it is my purpose.

I offer this program twice a year, in Spring and Fall, and it books up ahead of time, so if you’d like to reserve a spot, contact me now.

Investment in Your Health


To make this totally accessible, I have also created a way to pay in 5 installments; one now to reserve your spot, then pay by check each visit.

5 payment Installment Plan


Also, if you want to combine the Spring Cleanse Workshop with a 4-week Intensive, this Combo will save you $32!! Get the Spring Cleanse Workshop for only $5 when you also do an intensive. Bargain!

Investment in Your Health