First Hour

Tea for 2During your initial health history consultation, we will explore together your history, your successes and challenges, your vision and habits. It’s an opportunity for me to listen deeply to your story. It’s an hour especially for you to clarify what your obstacles are, what your goals are and then to develop a strategy. You will leave with at least three action items that will make you have the most impact on blasting through your obstacles.

It is also an opportunity for you to engage with me and see how you like the process, for you to ask me about my methods, my inspiration and to see if we “click.” I work with people who are earnestly stepping onto their path of healing, so it’s an important opportunity for us to connect and to see if that connection works for both of us.

The cost of this initial consultation is $77.

If you decide that I can be a resource to you in your work of taking your life to the next level, we can discuss which of my programs is the best fit for you. If you are ready to invest at least one hour in your life’s new direction, then contact me to set up an appointment.

For you to derive the maximum benefit from our hour together, you can fill out this Health History Form and bring it to your session. You’re also welcome to fill it out online here–> (Women’s HH Form) (Men’s HH Form)

Then put some thought into how you’d like the hour to unfold, what topics you’d like to touch on and what you would be disappointed to have left out. Make note of any questions you’d like to remember to ask me.

If you are not quite ready to make an appointment, but think you will be sometime in the future, then join our mailing list to keep in touch. You’ll receive a monthly newsletter with inspiration (and recipes!)