Going Gluten Free Program

Going Gluten-Free Without Losing Your Mind
–Making the Transition for Emotional Eaters–

Have you long-suspected wheat might pose a problem for you? Is that true for other people in your family? Well giving up wheat (and ALL gluten) can seem like a monumental task! It’s everywhere! Maybe you have tried to give up gluten before but found it was too hard to sustain, or didn’t do it long enough to REALLY know if it’s a problem.

What if it IS a problem but you rule it out too soon?

In this 60-minute teleclass, we break it down into
manageable, do-able steps,
and I hold your hand through the transition.

  • No more pain, No more bloat
  • Have regular, pain-free BMs and MORE ENERGY
  • Watch your skin clear up and your joints feel good
  • Get clear on how long you have to be gluten free to know
    if it’s a problem no matter WHAT your test results say.
  • Address the binges that naturally follow
    the food-stress of changing your diet.
  • Learn how to powerfully defeat resistance
    and sabotage from people around you.
  • Find the gold in the “what can I eat?!” panic moments
  • Find out the secret to making it permanent
  • and the biggest mental trap to AVOID.


Hi, I’m Holly Noonan

My son Griffin

And this is my son, Griffin.

I created this teleclass and e-book because I wished there had been a resource like this
back when I was trying to shift to a gluten free diet for myself and for my son. It was quite a steep learning curve with a lot of frustration, failure and bumps in the road. It drove me nuts!

I was able to find books about the scientific basis of gluten intolerance, and I found gluten-free cookbooks, but nowhere did I find a resource for everything I needed; the history, the science, the whole-food recipes and the emotional support for what was a pretty stressful transition.  Realistically, how on earth does someone with a history of disordered eating, like myself, make the changes that are necessary to physically heal, without triggering emotional backlash? These are the questions I answered for myself, and it wouldn’t be fair to keep what I discovered all to myself.




I would give the teleclass 10 stars as I felt like I had been given a huge packet of resources and permission to advocate for myself in family or celebratory situations where gluten free may not be available.

The materials and website have become my bible. I am utilizing links or recipes every day.  I am trying new foods like mochi and mashed cauliflower…yum.  I am very aware of my body’s reaction to foods and using the food diary sheets to keep track so I can trial foods in purest form again for reaction.  I have become a detective.  The best part of taking a teleclass is doing it on my time, in home and having  a chance to re-listen if needed.  I will recommend this class to friends due to the affordability, great information and ebook, and expert sharing from Holly who has personal experience with herself and small  child with gluten intolerance…invaluable!!”

-Robin Brawn, Lincolnville, Maine


“Not only is this an excellent resource for people with gluten sensitivities, but it is great for anybody who just wants to support their body in being as healthy as it can, as gluten increases the inflammatory process.  Holly is the perfect person to teach this class because she and her child both eat gluten free, so she had a wealth of practical knowledge and experience about what works and how to eat this way on a daily basis.  I always like her positive approach to eating because I always come away from her classes excited about trying some new food that I have never eaten – this time it was mochi. I liked having the download materials beforehand to read and consider.  These contained a lot of good information, plus meal ideas, as well as motivational tools.  The class gave me a whole new understanding of all the possible effects of gluten, which I had not previously been aware of.”

–Kimberly DePaolo, Camden, Maine


Because the transition is stressful, hard to achieve and hard to maintain, too many people give up on it before they really discover the benefits of living the gluten-free life.

A whopping 15% of us feel radically different when gluten is removed and on top of that are all the people who are battling inflammation of one kind or another. In a room full of 1000 people, that’s 150 people! Are you one of them?

If all these people had the support that would help them really achieve a long-term gluten-free diet, they would have individual benefits— like less pain, healed skin, painless digestion, stable blood sugar, no more cravings, more energy, better sleep and more joy— and society would also have the benefit of happier, more productive people who need less medical care.


“Holly! Your Going Gluten Free audioclass was AMAZING!!  I am giving it 5 stars!

Since you sent the written materials ahead of time, I was able to look them over and learn 1) so much about gluten, why and how it’s a problem for some people, and 2) how to incorporate simple changes in my life to make the switch to gluten free.  I was actually able to begin my gluten-free journey even before listening to the audioclass, thanks to your written material!  Although it is simple and straightforward to read, it is obvious that you put much thought, work, and effort into this class.  The lists you put together, e.g. possible symptoms of gluten sensitivity, are so thorough; I have not seen this information all together in one place in such an easy-to-access format.

One helpful component is where you encourage us to allow that we might not get it perfect right at the outset, and to think of the switch as decreasing “gluten encounters” over time.  I was off to a great start, then every once in a while I have had a slip, and from your class I learned not to be too hard on myself, that it is a process.

It’s hard to pinpoint the “best” part of the class….I can’t say enough about how great the written material is, but the audio component is so valuable as well.  I made a CD out of the download, and I listen to it in the car; each time it sinks in and gets reinforced a little more.

I feel that this class provides great value for the investment.  As a new health counselor myself, I have had much exposure to information about going gluten free, and your class is the most comprehensive source of information I have EVER seen and heard.  There is so much practical, easy to use information.  I highly encourage anyone who is considering going gluten free to purchase this class!  If they don’t, they are missing out on the the most comprehensive, easy to understand information, including a workbook one can personalize on their journey to gluten-free health, comfort, and happiness.”

–Jacqueline Morgan


If you slept better, woke up easily, went through your day with more energy, no pain and no fear of eating, what would that be worth to you?

If you felt less pain and less stress, would you have more psychic energy? More joy? What would you put all that extra energy towards? Your relationships? Music? Fun? What is that worth to you? Thousands? Hundreds? Priceless?

Which grains are gluten free?
Is buckwheat WHEAT?
How do I distinguish between a gluten sensitivity and other food allergies?
Where do I even start?
How long do I have to try it to really know?
Could this low back pain be associated with gluten?
Could my low energy be improved by a GF diet?
Where do I get information and support?

This program answers all these questions and many more.


“The Going Gluten Free Without Losing Your Mind Teleclass is a 5-star gluten free meal ticket. The actual teleclass is fast-paced and loaded with information, that is aptly reviewed and supported in the accompanying digital materials.

The beautifully designed e-books, workbooks, shopping kits, food journal – and my personal favorite: a peek into the pantry of a gluten free kid, are easy to read, with doable step by step instructions, while also being educational about the nature of gluten, gluten intolerance, and the more serious, celiac disease.

As a Holistic Health Counselor, I find this to be a much needed solution to a very complex and often undiagnosed and mis-diagnosed problem. The direct clarity of the knowledge presented makes this an incredibly valuable guide and time-saver for me when working with my clients. It enables me to offer them a concrete plan, thus simplifying a lifestyle change that most people find daunting and often, depressing or terrifying. And the information on how to help children with this is absolutely priceless. The inclusion of recipes, shopping lists, and accessible ideas, replaces the fear with systems and foods that actually sound fun and exciting to try. The information from this class and the digital materials are going to permanently reside in my counseling toolbox.”

Bonnie Kane, CHHC, AADP


Are you a health or nutrition counselor who stammers on how to coach your clients through the transition to a gluten free diet that they clearly need?


“I would recommend this class to anyone in the healthcare field or in any type of culinary profession, as these people are in a position to greatly support those with gluten sensitivities.”

–Kimberly DePaolo, Camden, Maine


Now of course just buying this teleclass and ebook won’t make all these changes magically happen in your life. You actually have to do the work, follow the steps, do the meal planning, manage the transition within your family.

If gluten really is a problem for you and you DON’T take this step, where will that leave you in a year?

Or two years? Or five years? Is continuing your current pattern really an option? If not, you could always do the years of research and personal growth that I needed to do in order to sort this all out. Or you could streamline your process and jump ahead!


When I find a good teacher or resource, I often think about that game “Shoots and Ladders” when I was a kid. Remember that? If you roll the dice right, you can land on a square with a ladder that lets you shoot ahead in the game. That’s what this teleclass is. It’s a ladder that lets you skip lots of squares and fast forward to where you want to be. It’s a head start. You still have to play the game and do the work, but you are oriented and empowered with knowledge, and you have access to resources and support.


“I give  this teleclass 5 stars! I look forward to listening to it again! I learned more about gluten free  living than I ever have — that going  gluten free is a process that takes time and it is important to be gentle  with ourselves. This is a must-buy teleclass.  Everyone who may think  they have an allergy or gluten intolerance should have a better  understanding on this subject.– By not purchasing this teleclass you miss  out on a great base knowledge of gluten free living.   It was well  worth the money!  Holly clearly knows her stuff!  I thank Holly  for sharing her knowledge!
~Heidi FanninHeidiFannin


The Teleclass is a 60 minute recording that comes with a follow-along workbook, as well as an ebook to download and read prior to listening to the teleclass.

Plus you get FIVE incredible bonuses from joining this teleclass;

Bonus #1– A 7 page workbook (pdf) to download and do exercises both during the telelclass and afterwards with your family.  (you need an Adobe Reader to open pdf documents. It’s free, download yours here.)

Bonus #2– My 28 page e-book “Going Gluten Free — 10 Workable Steps to a Gluten-Free Diet for You and Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind” (pdf) (a $37 value!)

Bonus #3– Gluten Free Shopping Kit– (pdf) which includes a natural food store shopping list and a grocery store shopping list (who can shop at just one place anymore!) as well as a weekly meal planner!

Bonus #4– “Griffin’s Food– A Peek Inside the Pantry of a Gluten-Free Kid.” (pdf) This is an amazing overview of yummy food that’s so tasty a 4-year-old will eat it. It includes;

  • seven breakfasts
  • seven lunches (5 nut-free for school)
  • seven dinners
  • seven at-home snacks
  • seven gluten free, nut-free school snacks
  • seven desserts

Bonus #5– Food Diary-- (pdf) custom designed by me just for you to track your physical reactions to foods. Print, fold into a book and carry in your purse.

With all those incredible bonuses, this proven program won’t stay this low price for very long!

$97 only $37!


During the teleclass we walk through the steps of transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle and we also anticipate the obstacles and design strategies around them. You’ll hear my story and address your questions.


“Holly Noonan’s “Going Gluten Free Without Losing Your Mind Teleclass” delivered a wealth of information for anyone that has or thinks they have a gluten intolerance. She gave concrete examples of what the symptoms are and provided excellent, easy and creative ideas on meal planning. And to top it off Holly gave amazing bonuses which included a comprehensive e-book, workbook and recipes that can be referred to over and over again. It’s definitely well worth the investment!”

Sheri Ruston

–Sheri Ruston


When you purchase the teleclass by clicking the link below, you’ll be taken to Paypal to pay by credit card, and then an email will be sent to you with a link and a password. When you click the link and enter the password, you will find yourself at a page where you can download the handouts (workbook, ebook, extras, etc.) Once you have downloaded these, you can print them out before you start to listen to the call.  You can  listen to the recording at your own convenience.

If you buy right now, I will also throw in a SIXTH Bonus!

Bonus # 6– Gluten Free Comfort Food– Recipes to Soothe your Soul (pdf)

by the fabulously talented Gluten Free cooking class sensation, Tina Annibell (and moi.)

My Guarantee: If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied with this product (after having listened to it,)  you can contact me within 24 hours for a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. I am committed to your success and want this teleclass to end up in the hands of people for whom it has the most impact. Write to me here: holly@mindbodynutrition.net

After you pay through Paypal, you will be receive an email with a link to the webpage where you can download your materials and listen online!