Wellness Retreats

I have wanted to offer deeper experiences of transformative wellness for some time now– week long excursions both out of your life and inside yourself– because traveling had such a tremendous impact on my life and on my health.

While you are simply flying to a different place, you could be leaping into a new era in your life.

When you remove yourself from your routines and plop yourself in the middle of somewhere magical that you will never forget, something important changes.

Your relationship to time changes, for one. You want to pry open all your senses and drink in the experience completely. You want to be rocked, be pried open. You want to live electrically, vibrantly from now on.

You want to remember not to sink back into your life in such a way that you wonder “Where did that year go?” Or, God forbid, “Where did that decade go?”  You want to peel off the cellophane between your heart and everything it feels.

Traveling pries you open and that’s why I have wanted to combine it with being immersed in transformative-health experiences. You get access to your core in a way that doesn’t happen in everyday life, and you can take great leaps forward in self-care, self-realization and healing.

These opportunities offer the dazzling banquet of life and food– but without the rush and heartburn of a typical “vacation.” These are truly retreats. Your body will feel good. You will feel thoroughly nourished, stretched out, strong.

Your needs for solitude, creativity, healing, communion with the divine and connection with the sisterhood will all be met.

And just in case you think a healing retreat will be austere– hello!–  Incredible wine will be flowing and dancing will ensue!

(You may never want to go back to a “regular vacation,” sorry!)

Camden, Maine in May 2013