Holiday Fun without the Fat or the Flu (audio)
Enjoy this one hour interactive workshop from December 2011 about how to have a realistic strategy to keep yourself balanced despite adding the “part-time job” of your holiday preparations. Keep it real, but also keep yourself well-rested, well-hydrated and de-stressed!

The Health Benefits of Pasture Raised Animal Products (audio)
Join Holly for this workshop in conjunction with Aldermere Farm about how animal products can be healthy for you and your family, if you peek behind the curtain of the industrial commodity meat supply system, and avoid the pitfalls of the modern status quo system. Avoiding meat and animal products really does make some people much healthier, but what do you do if that’s not the case for you?

Food Diary— (pdf) Record your meals, your emotions and your symptoms to gather data of what’s really going on within you. This food journal doubles as a gratitude journal, which in itself can have a beneficial impact on your health.

Time Planning Exercise– (pdf) You know it’s true; if you plan better, you eat better. Stop spending money eating out on food that doean’t work for you because you forgot to pack lunch. Do this exercise once a week, update it every night for 10 minutes, and get on track!

Recipe cards—(pdf) a printable pdf of set of 4 recipe cards of 4 of Holly’s best-loved recipes, including Dark Gluten-Free Bread, Splendid Coconut Granola, Raw Apple-Carrot Salad and Roasted Parsnips, Fennel and Red Peppers. Print and share. s and how to get there.

Holly’s Top 10 Ways to get the Sugar Monkey Off Your Back!–(pdf) Sort of like Dave’s Top 10 countdown, but for how to get yourself free from the grip of the sugar’s psychoactive and physically addictive properties by building up your body to the point where willpower is not necessary. You change what you crave when you follow these 10 steps.